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Try some of our most popular flower essence kits and start the New Year feeling on track for your best year yet! 

Bring dreams to life with the Dream Activator Flower Essence Kit

Dream Activator Flower Essence Kit

Got some big dreams in your sights for 2018? If you're on a mission to set clear intentions, maintain your focus and take action, incorporate the flower essences in the Dream Activator Kit into your daily rituals! 

Dragon Slayer™ Flower Essence: Been procrastinating about taking action? Dragon Slayer™ Flower Essence invites you to take ownership of your future, and empower yourself with new habits, attitudes and beliefs.

Destiny Calls™ Flower Essence: Driven by a big ambition? Destiny Calls™ Flower Essence inspires you to move towards your dreams and develop the certainty you'll be successful, even if the way forward is still unclear.

Manifestation Mojo™ Flower Essence: Ready to receive create or receive something new? Manifestation Mojo™ Flower Essence inspires you to become clear about what you really want, set your intention, and get ready to welcome it or something better into your life.


Make a fresh start with the In with the New Flower Essence Kit

In with the New Flower Essence Kit

Ready to leave the old behind? If you're ready to let go of what’s holding you back and move forward with enthusiasm, incorporate the flower essences in the In with the New Kit in your daily rituals: 

Baggage Buster™ Flower Essence: Sick of your old stuff? Baggage Buster™ Flower Essence encourages you to gently release old unwanted energy and welcome in new clarity and insight.

Go with the Flow™ Flower Essence: Dealing with change or uncertainty? Go with the Flow™ flower essence encourages you to stop resisting change, trust in the universe and ride the energetic currents at play in your life.

Peek-A-Boo™ Flower Essence: Been hiding away from the world? Peek-A-Boo™ Flower Essence invites you to reconnect with life's rhythms and reawaken parts of yourself that have been closed down.


Kick some career goals with the On Purpose Flower Essence Kit

On Purpose Flower Essence Kit

Yearning to do something more meaningful with your life? Taking the flower essences in the On Purpose™ Kit is the perfect ritual to support yourself with as you step into your life purpose.

  • Destiny Calls™ Flower Essence:Got a burning ambition? Destiny Calls™ Flower Essence helps you move forward with your life's work and develop the conviction that you'll be successful even if you don't yet know how.
  • Connection Creator™ Flower Essence: On a mission? Connection Creator™ Flower Essence invites you to reach out to and connect with kindred spirits to help you in your life’s work.
  • Treasure Hunter™ Flower Essence: Seeking abundance? Treasure Hunter™ Flower Essence reminds you that you’re deeply worthy of abundance in all its forms, and gently makes you aware of the way your attitudes, expectations and self-worth affect your feelings of abundance and opportunity so you can consciously bring them into energetic alignment.


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