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Letting go of the past

Posted by Jayne Tancred on

If events of the past have left you feeling stuck or disempowered, consider incorporating flower essences into your daily rituals and routines. Here are a handful of those that might be most appropriate as you set an intention of moving forward with ease and grace.

Baggage Buster™ helps you let go of your old stuff

If you feel that you're carrying around the energetic residue of old events, experiences and emotions, consider Baggage Buster™ Flower Essence and Flower Essence Mist.

Baggage Buster is also a good choice for times when patterns from the past are recurring and you’re keen to understand their lessons so you can move on, and for helping you to regain clarity and perspective without your viewpoint being distorted by your past experiences.

Here's a quick video introducing you to the beautiful Darwinia flower, an Aussie native that’s the secret ingredient in Baggage Buster™ Flower Essence and Flower Essence Mist. (Apologies for the poor sound quality due to pesky helicoptors flying overhead!)

Peek-A-Boo™ helps you know when it's time to stop hiding

Sometimes past pain or sadness might lead you to retreat from the world and hide yourself away for a while. That's a natural and appropriate healing response when things have been tough, but at some point the time will come when it's appropriate for you to open up and connect with the world around you again.

Peek-A- Boo™ is on a mission to help those who've been hiding away know when it's time to emerge and reconnect with life's natural rhythms, relationships and joy.

In addition to being available as a single flower essence, Peek-A- Boo™ is found in our In with the New™ Kit, along with Baggage Buster™ and Go with the Flow™.

Go with the Flow™ helps you face the future

Sometimes we cling to the past even though it's no longer serving us, simply because we’re nervous or uncertain about what the future will bring. If that's where you find yourself, Go with the Flow™ is a great flower essence to add to your daily rituals. It's on a mission to encourage you to face the future feeling optimistic and open-minded, with a spirit of adventure and curiosity.

Shock Absorber™ helps you rebuild your foundations

If an experience that knocked you off your axis in the past continues to affect you down the track, the ritual of taking Shock Absorber™ may help to ground and centre you as you rebuild your foundations and pull yourself back together.

Moment in Time™ helps you embrace the here and now

Sometimes we keep one foot in the past because we feel guilty, resentful or disappointed about something that happened, or because we’re overwhelmed with nostalgia and a sense that life will never regain its past sweetness.

In those circumstances, consider taking Moment in Time™, a flower essence that’s on a mission to bring you back to the here and now and encourage you to embrace the present.

When should you seek professional support?

Please consult your healthcare professional if you’re been through significant trauma or if past experiences are affecting your wellbeing, mindset or moods. Your wellbeing now and in the future deserves the greatest of care, and there are many wise and caring practitioners who are trained to help you process what you’ve been through and learn the skills that will help you cope.

If you’d like any help choosing the best flower essences to support you as you move forward please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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